Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Noah's park

"Take 2 of a kind of whatever u can
Put them in a boat to a faraway land
Stop not come thunder or rain
Sorrow, sadness troubles or pain

Build this boat on ur own u must
Tell no one or turn to dust"
Saying that God disappeared into the clouds
Leaving Noah thinking out loud

"Must really stop smoking this stuff
Things get stranger with every lil puff.
Did He really ask me to build my own ship
Fill it with women and go on a trip?"

"But how will they come If I don’t let them know
And why only 2 if there is place for 4.
Oh Dear Lord, this is a quite a sticky wicket
What do I charge for every ticket?"

And a year later the ship is ready
Set sail Noah nice and steady
And soon the skies opened up and started to pour 

Thunder, lightning and rain came down even more

That was the part that no one really knows
And this really how the story goes
Of Noah Hefner and his legacy
Now run by Hugh and Company.


Anonymous said...

what were you smoking though?? :P

Naarya said...

:D made me laugh and think and then nod my head, tell myself i should simply enjoy what i read here and not cud on it! another crazy quirky one...just like u :P